Saturday, April 10, 2010

Common Tailorbird, Penang.

Yesterday, I saw five Tailorbirds visited my garden. One of the birds was a fledgling, it has a short tail as compared to the adult, its call was noisy and always begging for food from the parents.

At the beginning, I saw the fledgling was resting on the wall, and calling for its parent:

Suddenly, I realized that the threat from the Black-naped Oriole, the Oriole was trying to attack and hunt the fledgling.
The chase by the parents was fierce. Luckily, the parents were managed to chase away the Oriole. Immediately after the chase, the parents were then led the fledgling to perch on a short cherry tree in my garden.
Finally, the fledgling perched on a safer place, a short Acerola Cherry tree in the garden.

It was always hungry and calling for more food from the parents.
After fed by the parents, the fledgling was happy, satisfied and started to groom its feathers. It then gave me a wink before flying away with the parents. Isn't it cute? adorable?
I wish the fledgling will grow healthier, and one day will revisit my garden with its pretty feathers and tail.

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Beauties of the day: Brown-throated Sunbird and Scaly-breasted Munia.


  1. A good recounting of the baby tailor bird's near miss with the Oriole. It would have been great if you managed to capture the parents chasing the predator away.

  2. Aft. Tea: thanks for your comment. The chase was really fast and aggressive, I was stun when I saw that and was not prepare to take the shot, even with the DSLR, I do not think I can get that also.

  3. awww... the fledging is so adorable...
    Since it is a Tailorbird, i'm sure it will get a nicer attire when it grows up! hahaha...

  4. Aerden, hahaha.. funny reply. The species name is Tailorbird, is not because it knows how to make a nicer attire, but it is because of the behaviour of the bird on constructing its nest like a tailor