Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Bronze Cuckoo, Ipoh.

I was lucky to spot and digiscope my lifer, a Little Bronze Cuckoo in Bercham, Ipoh on 16th of April, before continued my journey to Cameron Highlands. This was the third time I encountered with Cuckoo in Ipoh.

Let's take a look of this cute and beautiful Little Bronze Cuckoo:
Little Bronze Cuckoo is one of the world's smallest Cuckoo, the length is about 15cm. CLICK HERE to find out more about other Cuckoos I spotted last year and learn about their brood parasitic behaviour.

Happy birding and digiscoping.


  1. A good collection and new spottings for you. Well done!

  2. M psoting my comments again. Great photos. Nice collection too. There are some very nice details in some of your digiscoped shots like the padi field pipit. Really like that

  3. thanks everyone for your comment. I like my Little Bronze Cuckoo very much, small in size and very cute.