Monday, April 26, 2010

Banded Bay Cuckoo

The Little Bronze Cuckoo (Click HERE to view the Little Bronze Cuckoo) that I spotted in Ipoh reminds me of the Banded Bay Cuckoo and the Plaintive Cuckoos which I sighted in year 2009.

The first cuckoo that I sighted was the Banded Bay Cuckoo (Cacomantis sonnerati) and the Common Iora (Aegithina tiphia) in Ipoh, which I sighted on 11-July-2009 together with birding friends, Connie and Peggy.

Cuckoos are nest parasites, laying their eggs in the nest of the host. The photographs have obviously shown that the iora is the foster parent of the much larger juvenile, it has been tricked into incubating and brooding the cuckoo chick. 

Here are the pictures show the Juvenile Banded Bay Cuckoo being fed by a Common Iora:

The second cuckoo which I sighted was the juvenile Banded Bay Cuckoo in the month of July 2009, it was spotted in my neighbourhood in the southern part of the Penang islands. Here is the picture of the second Banded Bay Cuckoo which I spotted in Penang:


To understand more about the behaviour of the brood parasitic, watch this video clip from Youtube, "Nature of the Cuckoo" by David Attenborough, BBC:

To learn more about cuckoo, you can read the introduction chapter from the book "Cuckoo" by Robert B. Payne, CLICK HERE.

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