Friday, April 16, 2010

Gold-whishered Barbet, Sedim.

I visited Sungai Sedim Recreation Park (visit this LINK to find out more) on 15th April, it is one of the popular birding localities at the foothill of the Gunung Bintang. Gunung Bintang is one of the peaks lies within the Bintang Range. Other recommended birding sites nearby the Sungai Sedim and Bintang Range are Ulu Paip Recreation Park (visit this LINK to find out more) and Bukit Hijau Recreation Park (visit this LINK to find out more).

Here are the digiscoped bird pictures of the day, not many birds were spotted but many bird calls were heard, it was partly due to rain. The bird calls we heard included the Banded Broadbill and Banded Kingfisher.

Gold-whiskered Barbet, Dark-sided Flycatcher and Orange-bellied Flowerpecker were my lifers of the day, but only managed to digiscope the Gold-whiskered Barbet and Dark-sided Flycatcher.

Gold-whiskered Barbet:

Dark-sided Flycatcher:

Other beautiful birds of the day:-

Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher:

Grey-rumped Treeswift:

Happy Birding and Digiscoping.


  1. wa... the Barbet is pretty.. nice take!
    love the Canary Flycather, so cute... :)
    Keep the nice shots coming...

  2. thanks Aerden, all flycatchers were taken in the shaded area, and this is the beauty of digiscoping.