Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brown Hawk Owl in Penang.

A Brown Hawk Owl that I digiscoped tonight in Penang on 4 Sept. 2010.

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Many thanks to Terence, Eileen, Bee Cheng and Alan for the wonderful owling. Happy Owling.

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  1. Bon Eu,

    it's the most adorable owl i've ever seen. Photo of this owl.. really marvellous. Thanks for uploading it.

    it's a pleasure and honoured to be able to do owling with you and Terence (Penang birders - my lifer). Thanks for showing us all birding sites (Birding in penang - my lifers too..)

    Wishing u all the best in ur future endeavours. Looking forward to see you in Taiwan. =)

    hugs.......and cheers..