Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buffy Fish-Owl in Sabah.

Buffy Fish-Owl was the only nocturnal bird that I spotted in Sabah and digiscoped during the day time, and I saw two of them. I didn't go out for owling at night, because I was really tired after spend the whole day for birding, only the call of the Oriental Bay Owl was recorded at night.

Buffy Fish-Owl (ketupa ketupa).

Is the owl really look like a mad scientist?

One day, I'm going to look like the owl, with the round round eyes staring hard at you...

Owl is currently threatened by illegal hunting, due to a recently-emerging taste of owl meat in Asia. Therefore, the recorded call of the Oriental Bay Owl in Sepilok would not be uploaded. Click HERE to read the news.

Please stop killing and eating our adorable owls.  请停止杀害和食用这些可爱的猫头鹰.

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