Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brown Wood Owl - Fledglings

In my last visit to Fraser's Hill on 17-Aug-2011, I encountered a pair of impressive and adorable fledglings of  the Brown Wood Owl (Strix leptogrammica).

I heard the owls were calling very sharply in the forested area during our owling session at around 9pm, indeed, it was an abnormal and eerie call during the month of the Chinese hungry ghost festival, but I strongly believe the eerie call must be the call of the owls or any nocturnal wildlife. In fact, I saw the hungry owls instead of hungry ghosts.

At the beginning of the search, it's difficult for me to locate them, however, with my passion and patience, I finally found two adorable owls with the white head robe perching on one of the big trees. I was really lucky to locate them, and had a wonderful moment of digiscoping and recording their eerie call.

It's my first picture and call record of  a pair of Brown Wood Owl fledglings, probably the first fledgling call recorded in Malaysia.


Click on the play button to listen to the recorded call of one of the fledglings :

WARNING: this recorded call is for learning purposes only, do not use this as a bird call playback, you may be seriously attacked by the owl and other predators at night.

Click  HERE  to view the Brown Wood Owl which I digiscoped during the day time about a year ago.

A Gentle Reminder: Owl is currently threatened by illegal poaching for exotic meat market, click HERE to read the recent news report. Please free and save the owls. 

Happy Owling. Keep Watching, Keep Listening and Keep Exploring.
*Special thanks to Peggy and Connie Khoo for their help during the recording.


  1. Replies
    1. Do not post pictures of wildlife in Fraser's Hill as people shamelessly hunt after animals and shining bright lights onto the owls at night. With your photos you endanger the defenceless creatures! People, sadly come up here on bird safaris with bird whistles that confuses birds and harms animal wildlife with such irresponsible behaviour ! They take plants out of the forest and play private scientist !!
      Is that not enough !!

    2. Hi, thanks for your feedback, I'd like to suggest you to give your feedback to Forestry Department and the authority of Fraser's Hill, and Malaysian Nature Society, your feedback is important for the authority to strengthen the rules and regulation in Fraser's Hill, to avoid ignorance or unlawful acts toward the wildlife and plants.