Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red-bearded Bee-eaters, Maxwell Hill.

Maxwell Hill (or Bukit Larut) is located on the Bintang Range and near to the Taiping town. It is one of the popular montane birding sites for most birders from the northern part of Malaysia. Check out this LINK to find out more about Maxwell Hill.

I visited Maxwell Hill (or Bukit Larut) for a night (29-30 January) and stayed in a nice, comfortable and well maintained bungalow - The Nest. Check out this LINK to find out more about this bangalow.

On the first day morning, I saw more than five Red-bearded Bee-eaters at the Green House, they are really beautiful with brilliantly-coloured plumage.

The most fascinating behavior I observed was the fanned-out tail shown by one of the bee-eater with a very loud call, my guess for the behaviour was either for courtship or as a warning signal to its opponents.

Look at the fanned-out tail, an enchanting yellow and black tail, with the total of twelve feathers. For me, the fanned-out tail looks like a Brazilian samba dancer.

I was lucky to have few lifers there, the most exciting lifer was the four Malayan Partridges foraging along the jeep road, they were more than 50m away from me. Even though the picture is not that clear, but it is still a memorable lifer record for me.
Another lifer was the Ochraceous Bulbul:

In this trip, what I had spotted were mainly the montane resident species, included the Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher:
Rufous-Browed Flycatcher

Streaked Spiderhunter,

Black-throated Sunbird, Mountain Bulbul, Black Crested Bulbul, Wreathed Hornbill, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Lesser Raquet-tailed Drongo, White-throated Fantail, Large Niltava, Mountain Fulveta, Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush, and etc.

Happy digiscoping.


  1. The behaviour of the the bee eater is well captured. Well done.
    Happy digiscoping? Not Happy Bird-watching?

  2. yes, Happy Bird-watching, as well as Happy digiscoping.

  3. Trying again. Hopefully this will go through. The spreaded tail is fantastic. Never knew that the red bearded bee-eater have such a brilliant yellow tail. Wonderful shot.

  4. Thanks Mark, this was my first experience to see a beautiful spread tail by a red-bearded bee-eater, it was really fantastic, and the bird spread the tail for some minutes in the morning. I was lucky to have one of the good shot of the spread tail which can be shared with all birders

  5. You can stil see good birds on Bukit Larut. Great pics of the bee-eater with fanned tail, I'd never seen that before. Lucky you saw the wreathed hornbill and partridge as well.
    Did you read recently that the construction of the cable car for Bukit Larut has been given the go-ahead. "quote: this will bring 500 000 more tourists to Taiping a year"

  6. Hi Vera, Yes, I heard of that construction. Anything can be happened in Perak, coz the people's voice there is too weak.